Swifty Luxury Car Storage : Facility

Swiftys Luxury Car Storage in Montreal

Vehicles that arrive at our secure, privately-located humidity and temperature-controlled facility are fully prepped prior to storage, depending on the level of service purchased. Cars can be hand-washed or fully detailed. Upon request, your tire pressure is increased, tires are rolled to prevent flat spots and batteries disconnected. As an alternative to disconnecting the battery, we can provide a battery conditioner to maintain the charge, which prevents the loss of electrical memory functions such as stereo codes and other preset functions.

Montreal auto storage

The secret of keeping a vehicle in good condition during a period of storage is to carry out a regular maintenance program.

We offer a number of services which ensure that your car is kept in top shape. For example, before we start your vehicle, we will carry out various checks (oil, coolant, etc.), and only when these levels are satisfactory is the vehicle started and gently warmed up.

You can rely on our 24-hour surveillance system that includes state-of-the-art security and camera systems which enable you to view your vehicle over the Internet, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week.

You are most welcome to contact us for a personal viewing of our facility to learn more about how and where your car or other vehicle will be housed, or to visit our well-appointed guest cigar lounge.

View our Image Gallery to see photos of our facility or to see examples of the personalized detailing we perform.